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Physical Therapy 1


Our services included all types and sizes

We believe in  a team approach and will consult with your physician, employer, case manager and other therapists on the team to make sure you have the best outcomes.  Check out some of the common areas we can help with:

Back and Neck Pain

Shoulder Pain


Sprains and Strains

Sports Injuries

Plantar Fasciitis

Achilles Tendonitis

Post Surgical Rehab

Joint Replacements


Work Related Injuries

Functional Capacity Evaluations

Pre-employment screening


And many many more (We figured you might get bored with the full list of everything)



Physical Therapy

We provide Expert Physical Therapy services

Many times people tell us, "I didn't know Physical Therapists did that too."  So what is physical therapy all about?  It is all about movement and function.  Whether you want to improve your ability to run, exercise, walk, turn your head, work, or even bend over without pain, our physical therapists can help.  We believe in a one on one approach with a specialist who are a part of a team of professionals is the best way to get you to function and move at your best.

Although we value the work of athletic trainers and rehab technicians, we believe in practicing physical therapy only with those licensed specifically in physical therapy.  Our therapists are all members of the American Physical Therapy Association and hold National Certifications in Sports and Orthopedics, Strength and Conditioning, Lymphedema Therapy, Orthopedic Manual Therapy, and Aquatic Therapy.  Although we have state of the art facilities, we understand that you need more than that to get better.  We are committed to education, training, and functioning as both educators and continued learners.

We are pleased to be able to treat individuals literally from birth to 99+ years old.  We look forward to getting you on track towards your goals for better movement and function.